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When changing tools leads to creative outcomes

3D printing of a hexagonal column cell using a novel Cu₂Se-based ink. Multiple cells form a honeycomb, an architecture that enhances thermoelectric properties. (source: Supplementary Movie 1)

We will also save $7.5–81 trillion in the process.

Source (CC0 license)

This water-based battery is a safe and cost-effective alternative to the Li-ion technology.

No “corners were cut” when designing this innovative aqueous battery: it is safe (it does not short-circuit nor catch on fire) and maintains its voltage even when damaged. (Source. Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Original video sped up by author)


Brittle materials sometimes break randomly and other times they don’t. Scientists have finally figured out why.

Explosive fragmentation of a Prince Rupert’s drop obtained by cutting its tail with pliers (the original video is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and was modified by the author)


Korean scientists built a transistor that behaves like a synapse 85.1 % of the time.

(a) Schematic of a synapse and (b, c) the design of the prototype. The neurotransmitter helps carry the electric signal between two neurons. NW = nanowire. (Source)


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Three fibrous layers and a high volume of hollow space make this a tough nut to crack

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“Biophysics is not so much a subject matter as it is a point of view.” — Otto H. Schmitt

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A poem about their somatic coexistence

This energy-harvesting cell recharges itself with temperature fluctuations

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